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Grass is a digital marketplace birthed from SUSTAGRI 4.0, a project supported by the European Commission for a radical transformation of agriculture. We champion the digital transition in the agricultural sector, empowering European growers to produce safe, sustainable, and quality food.

Grass is the platform that offers our farmers the chance to manage an e-commerce tailored for them, where they can apply what they've learned from the SUSTAGRI 4.0 digital marketing training course.

SUSTAGRI 4.0 aims to promote a greener and more technologically advanced agri-food sector. It aligns with the European Green Deal and the new EU Common Agricultural Policy, which seek to achieve sustainability across social, environmental and economic domains.

Join us on this journey to discover the future of agriculture!

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Cultivating Change, One Farm at a Time

Cultivating Change,One Farm at a Time

At SUSTAGRI 4.0, we're passionate about supporting small-scale, young producers and sustainable agricultural businesses.
Our mission is to facilitate their twin transition towards a greener and more digital future.

Through a carefully curated learning path, we equip them with essential digital marketing skills, marketing expertise and captivating storytelling techniques. By enhancing their abilities in sustainable agriculture, we create a more favourable mindset towards digital tools and techniques.

Together, we're cultivating change, strengthening key competences and fostering a thriving ecosystem that values local products and reduces waste.

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